“PORTAL” is an experimental meditation film that delves deep into the intricate tapestry of human consciousness, exploring the profound themes of frequency and mindfulness.. It posits a transformative vision where the collective human spirit transcends the narrow confines of societal divisions, suggesting that the essence of humanity is far more accepting and diverse than often depicted by mainstream media, corporations, and governing bodies.

This film challenges the prevailing narratives of separation, advocating for a borderless unity that emerges naturally when individuals break free from the pervasive influence of hyper-control cults that dictate societal norms and behaviors without scrutiny.

At its core, “PORTAL” embarks on a philosophical journey, questioning the constructs that have historically divided humanity. It invites viewers to envision a world unmarred by the arbitrary boundaries that have been erected, not just between nations, but within the very fabric of human relationships. This vision of unity is not presented as a utopian fantasy but as an attainable reality, achievable through the collective awakening to our shared humanity and the inherent diversity that strengthens rather than divides us.

The film places a significant emphasis on the concept of harmony—both internal and external. It encourages a reflective introspection into our individual and collective existence, urging us to consider our place within the broader narrative of creation. This exploration is not just about recognizing our relationship with the natural world but also understanding the spiritual connection we share with a higher power, referred to as the Creator. “PORTAL” suggests that true enlightenment and fulfillment stem from this deep understanding and the reconciliation of our physical existence with our spiritual essence.

Moreover, “PORTAL” ventures beyond the superficial layers of reality, inviting its audience to see “behind the garden.” This metaphorical garden represents the constructed reality that we navigate daily, often without questioning its authenticity or the forces that shape it. By peeling back these layers, the film encourages a collective epiphany regarding the true nature of our existence and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the accepted norms and values imposed by society.

The narrative of the meditation film “PORTAL,” as envisioned by number9ine, is a call to action for all of humanity. It advocates for a radical shift in perspective, away from division and towards a more inclusive, compassionate, and understanding world consciousness. Through its exploration of frequency, mindfulness, and meditation, the film seeks to catalyze a global movement towards internal peace and external harmony, challenging each viewer to reconsider their role in the grand scheme of creation and to contribute to a future where unity and diversity are celebrated in equal measure.

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