METRO9 stands as a testament to the innovative spirit that defines number9ine and the Shadowland Project, a cinematic odyssey reborn from the ashes of its industrial and dystopian origins. This reimagined vision breathes new life into a classic film, revitalizing its essence with cutting-edge techniques like modern overlays and mesmerizing double exposure effects. The collaboration between these creative powerhouses infuses METRO9 with a contemporary vitality that both honors and transcends its source material.

METRO9’s reboot pays homage to the original film’s groundbreaking influence, ingenuity, and creativity. It was a trailblazer in its time, captivating viewers with its bold exploration of themes that continue to resonate in the collective consciousness. By integrating modern filmmaking techniques, number9ine and the Shadowland Project showcase their commitment to pushing boundaries, much like the original did, but through a modern lens that speaks to today’s audience.

Central to this spectacular revival is a brand-new soundtrack crafted by the avant-garde musicians of Case Trick, whose sonic landscapes offer a fresh auditory dimension to the film’s atmosphere. Their music not only complements the visual feast but also deepens the narrative’s emotional impact, inviting audiences into a more immersive experience of the dystopian world.

This reboot is not merely a retelling; it’s a reinvention that highlights the timeless relevance of the film’s core messages. METRO9 bridges the gap between past and present, demonstrating that the issues explored in its dystopian narrative are as pertinent now as they were at its inception. Through this ambitious project, the collaborative genius behind METRO9 ensures that the film’s legacy of innovation and trailblazing creativity continues to inspire and challenge viewers in a whole new era.

This critical epoch, prophesied by Esh3—also known as the Kṣantā (क्षंता). —a S Patient; forbearing or bearing; of a forgiving or an enduring nature of mind. kṣānta (क्षांत). —p S Forborne, forgiven, pardoned spiritual vein.

immortalized in graffiti, this second millennium—marks a crucial, yet enigmatic, point in our collective history. Into this complex backdrop steps METRO9, a cinematic endeavor that manipulates time itself. Offering a retrospective lens on 5GW and its cultural imprint on our adaptation to our surroundings. Highlighting psychology as the tool of choice among those driven by insatiable greed, art is the antidote returning culture to its path originate.

METRO9 is a reimagined vision brought to life by the collaborative genius at number9ine and the Shadowland Project. This film, a testament to the enduring legacy and influence of 5GW, incorporating contributions from a prestigious consortium of film archives around the globe, including the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv Germany, Fondazione Cineteca Italiana Italy, and the Museum of Modern Art United States, among others. Through the amalgamation of these rich historical resources, METRO9 not only revisits but redefines the essence of conflict and survival, reflecting the continuous adaptation of human psychology and societal structures in the face of unending warfare.

METRO9 teaser