Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking hit, “Alright,” with a spectacular re-release that echoes through the realms of industrial, experimental, and alternative music. This iconic track, known for its avant-garde edge and deeply resonant lyrics, has been remastered to captivate a new generation of listeners while stirring the souls of its original fans.

Accompanying this monumental re-release is a visually stunning music video, a sci-fi World War, brought to life through the collaborative genius of Studio 112, Ruby Studios, and Postwar Productions. The video weaves animated storytelling with the gritty, mechanical essence of the industrial genre, creating a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is visually mesmerizing.

Step into a dystopian past that mirrors our hopes and fears for the future, and experience “Alright” like never before—a timeless anthem encapsulating the resilience of the human spirit amidst chaos and turmoil.

Join us in commemorating the 30th anniversary of “Alright,” a musical tour de force that revolutionized the industrial and experimental soundscape. This iconic anthem, with its avant-garde infusion and lyricism that resonates with profound depth, has been meticulously remastered for today’s sonic standards. It’s a tribute to its capacity to transcend time and trends, invigorating both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to the rhythm of rebellion and innovation.