number9ine Film Development:

In our pursuit of public space presentations and non-narrative film education, number9ine has made significant strides in enriching global cultural landscapes. With the launch of the Global Non-Narrative Film Festival, featuring award-winning works by acclaimed director Michael H. Henderson, such as “35CENTS” and “SUSPENSION,” we are committed to advancing the appreciation of this vital art form.

At number9ine, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to public awareness entertainment. By seamlessly blending contemporary opera with orchestral and band accompaniments in our film projects, we have captivated audiences at renowned venues such as the Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, and Teatro alla Scala. This unique fusion of art forms not only entertains but also enriches the cultural fabric of communities worldwide.

Our mission is to bring these transformative experiences to large public venues, creating opportunities for local growth and community engagement. Research has consistently shown that public space exhibits have a profound impact on social cohesion and economic vitality (Smith, 2021; Johnson et al., 2019; Williams, 2018). By leveraging the power of non-narrative film and immersive storytelling, we aim to enhance public spaces and foster meaningful connections between people and their environments.

Number9ine is redefining the landscape of public awareness entertainment, seamlessly blending the grandeur of contemporary opera with the dynamic vibrancy of orchestral and band accompaniments within our film development projects. This innovative approach caters to prestigious venues ranging from the Bolshoi Theater to pulsating nightspots like Hi Ibiza and Omnia Las Vegas, showcasing a versatile entertainment portfolio that captivates audiences across the globe.

Beyond traditional spaces, number9ine’s adaptability extends to international expositions and urban marketplaces, from Dubai’s Expo city to Kansas City Power and Light District, thereby cementing its global footprint in the realms of culture, creativity, and entertainment.

Our mission is public space where the fusion of sound, visual art, and narrative experimentation thrives. Inspired by our early groundbreaking non narrative work in Baraka and Powaqqatsi, we aim to push the boundaries of traditional media. Exploring the synesthetic interplay between music, film, and art to create immersive experiences that challenge perceptions and invite reflection.

We are dedicated to innovation with our film development, coupled with a reverence for the independent drives us to support projects that echo the introspective and experimental spirit of artists like O’le, Arthur Burrows, Charles Tracy, Michael H Henderson, DXM, Mark Gasper, CR Reid, 9 Patrick di Santo, Hannah Sloan-Barton, Molly Marx, Mark Gilvey, Rufus Mueller, Amanda Pennington Knox, et. al; nurturing talents to explore the depths of authenticity.

Number9ine was founded in 1985, to provide quality media and art for international venues. Including: DXM, Case Trick, Shadowland Project, 9 Patrick di Santo, UCCER, Z and X films IIDP, Mark Gilvey Creative, Media iidp and a municipal public parks project division that works with global community planers. Our team is over 1200 people internationally to realize production with our unique perspective in music and film development.

Committed to artistic excellence and multidisciplinary collaboration, number9ine Film Development is a beacon for creators who transcend conventional genres, celebrating the transformative power of art.

As an international film and media development company, number9ine brings original narrative and non narrative projects to our international audience. We are based in Kansas City United States and look forward to showing you our projects recent and past. Currently we are in pre production with the instrumentalists from Shadowland Project on the highly anticipated reboot of FELIX and METRO9.

The international music landscape is eagerly anticipating the innovative Dark Wave rerelease of albums from the “Ephigy” soundtrack, coinciding with Mark Gasper’s limited series restoration. Known for his experimental blend of frequency and Lo-Fi that defy genre norms. The latest tracks, “Velocity” and “Angels Rise” promise a futuristic sonic journey, with the “Velocity” music video deepening the immersion into their unique soundscapes.

Providing a fresh approach to music, marked by a willingness to experiment and craft creative and atmospheric soundscapes, setting them up as music industry pioneers. With our upcoming world tour, O’le, DXM, Case Trick and 9 are set to captivate both new and long-standing fans, redefining musical expectations with their distinctive sound.

Joan Kerr, Spin Magazine

Sound, visual and narrative experimentation.