35 cents

“35 Cents” is a compelling independent film that delves deep into the heart of 1969 America, exploring the pervasive impact of corporate media framing and priming on the nation’s youth.

This thought-provoking feature serves not only as an exploration of the early identification of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder originally identified as shell-shocked. Inferring societal responsibilities while also a critique of the corporatization of media and its long-reaching effects on youth cognition and behavior.

“35 Cents” invites viewers to reflect on the shaping forces of media and the power of resistance in the face of systemic manipulation.

2022 rerelease of the 2006 acclaimed experimental film
by Michael H. Henderson

Through the eyes of Bess, a young woman grappling with the insidious influences of US corporate conglomerates, and her boyfriend Robbie, who, along with his friends, challenges the institutional norms through university protests, the film paints a vivid portrait of a society at the crossroads of change.

As advertising agencies and media play a pivotal role in shaping US culture, “35 Cents” examines their responsibility in the global propagation of values and ideals, suggesting a disconnect between media portrayal and the more accepting, diverse reality of the American populace.

Set in the tumultuous era of 1969, ’35 Cents’ is an independent film that scrutinizes the influence of corporate media on American youth. It intertwines the recognition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with a critique of media corporatization, assessing its impact on young minds and behaviors.

The movie urges viewers to contemplate media’s role in societal shaping and highlights the importance of resistance against systemic manipulation.

film introduction by director Michael H. Henderson