Photo Journalism and media, 9, greatly admires René Laloux, Futura 2000, Jean Michel Basquiat, van der Rohe, Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, Georg Jensen. 9 has always been fascinated with the importance silhouette and graphics play in the "art of the warrior" from a millitary standpoint. 9 spent much of their early years traveling and perfecting the art of the nomad.... Interested in the production experience, street artists, documentary, and experimental film. 9 likes to incorporate sound into the tension of language and concept theories. Their electronic media is discordant, rudimentary, authentic, automatic, and otherworldly. 9 is from North America, they now reside around this sphere, spending most of their time with the local flora, fauna, and countless other strange and wondrous things; 2 wheeled, 4 wheeled, winged, bladed, or otherwise. Again enjoying the art of the nomad. . . . .
— Joan Kerr, Spin Magazine



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